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Dining menu

To the beer

1 pc Hedgehog with horseradish (sausage)35.CZK
1 pc Pickled cheese, pastery49.CZK
1 pc Horácky´s toast with spicy meat mixture69.CZK
200 g Tartare mixed steak249.CZK

Fried meals

150g Fried pork Schnitzel145.CZK
150g Fried pork Schnitzel with bacon155.CZK
150g Fried chicken Schnitzel139.CZK
150g Cordon bleu165.CZK
100g Fried cheese129.CZK
100g Fried ermine139.CZK


150g Grilled chicken breast145.CZK
150g Chicken steak with poached vegetables169.CZK
150g Chicken steak with poached vegetables169.CZK
150g Chicken steak with poached vegetables169.CZK



    tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil


    tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham  


    tomato sauce, mozzarella,english bacon, niva and corn     


    tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, corn

Quattro Formaggi159.CZK

    cream base, mozzarella, niva, ermine,parmesan cheese


    cream base, mozzarella, spinach  


    spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, sausage, boiled eggs and jalapeňo


    tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, corn, champignons, onions and chilli peppers    


200g Cooked potatoes35.CZK
200g Fried potatoes35.CZK
200g Fries39.CZK
200g American potatoes45.CZK
160g Steamed rice35.CZK
200g Steak chips39.CZK
200g Roasted beans with bacon45.CZK
250g Potato salad39.CZK
100g Vegetable garnish25.CZK
1 ks Tatar sauce / ketchup25.CZK
1 pc Pastry5.CZK
1 ks Dip (Barbecue, Samurai, Chesse)25.CZK


0,33 l Broth with noodles39.CZK
0,33 l Moravian garlic soup49.CZK
0,33 l According to the daily menu35.CZK

Pork meat meals

150g Pork tenderlion with mushroom ragout179.CZK
150g Pork tenderlion on bacon with green beans179.CZK
300g Pork steak Opera199.CZK

Chicken meat meals

150g Grilled chicken breast145.CZK
150g Chicken steak with poached vegetables169.CZK
450 Penne with chicken meat and spinach169.CZK
150g A spicy mixture of two types of meat145.CZK

Speciality of the house

450g Burger Otokar199.CZK

  150g beef, bun, cheddar, bugle, fried onion, fried bacon, tomato, sterilized cucumber, bbq original sauce, steak fries and extra tartar sauce   

Burger like a  cow

150g beef meat, burger bum, cheddar cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, dressing of choice

Dressing: Cheese, Barbecue,  Samurai 

Burger with fries179.CZK


200g Salamon filet with skin and lemon-dill sauce185.CZK
200g - 250g Pike perch fillet in herb butter185.CZK

Salads and meatless dishes

150g Grilled ermine with cranberries119.CZK
350g Vegetable risotto with olives159.CZK
350g Šopský salad149.CZK
350g Caesar salad with original dressing159.CZK


Bailey's sundae99.CZK

    with vanilla ice-cream, pieces of chocolate, waffle, 0,04 l baileys

Hot blueberries79.CZK

    with vanilla ice-cream


    with chocolate or vanilla ice-cream

Fritters with nutella85.CZK
Fritters with blueberry topping and sour cream85 .CZK

Beverage ticket


0,3 l Barrel lemonade (According to the offer)20.CZK
0,5 l Barrel lemonade (According to the offer)30.CZK
1 l Pitcher of pure water40.CZK
0,25 l Pepsi39.CZK
0,33 l Pepsi in a can-lime39.CZK
0,25 l 7UP/ Schweppes tonic (original, ginger ale, rose)35.CZK
0,25 l Mattoni (lightly carbonated, still)30.CZK
0,25 l Toma juice (pear, orange, multi, black currant, strawberry, apple)35.CZK
0,25 l Red Bull55.CZK


0,28l Grasel lager 12 (draft beer)32.CZK
0,48l Grasel lager 12 (draft beer) 46.CZK
0,28l Starobrno 11 (draft beer)28.CZK
0,48 l Starobrno 11 draft beer)39.CZK
0,28l Březňák 11 (draft beer)31.CZK
0,48l Březňák 11 (draft beer)43.CZK
0,48l Krušovice non-alcoholic (bottle)35.CZK
0,50 l Pilsner Urquell (bottle)49.CZK

House wines

0,10l Poured wine (cuvée, veltlínské, svatovavřinecké)20.CZK

White wines

0,75l Sauvignon (high-qality, dry)219.CZK
0,75l Rulandské šedé (high-qality, dry)219.CZK
0,75 l Irsai Oliver (high-qality, semi-dry)219.CZK
0,75 l Chardonnay (high-qality, semi-dry)219.CZK
0,75l Pálava (high-qality, semi-dry)219.CZK
0,75l Tramín červený (late harvest, semi-sweet)349.CZK
0,75l Hibernal (late harvest, semi-sweet)349.CZK
0,75l Ryzlink Rýnský (late harvest, dry)349.CZK
0,75l Kerner (late harvest, semi-dry)349.CZK

Red wines

0,75 Frankovka (high-qality, dry)219.CZK
0,75 André (late harvest, dry)349.CZK
0,75 l Zweigeltrebe (late harvest, dry)349.CZK
0,75 l Rulandské modré (late harvest, dry)349.CZK


0,10l Prosecco40.CZK
0,10l Metropol / Cinzano39.CZK
1 ks Aperol spritz 119.CZK


0,75l Bohemia sekt (demi sec, ice)295.CZK
0,75l Znovín sekt (demi sec bílý, červený)345.CZK

Hot drinks

200 ml Turkish coffee 32.CZK
35 ml Ristretto39.CZK
120 ml Espresso39.CZK
200 ml Flat White59.CZK
200 ml Viennese Coffee59.CZK
200 ml Algerian Coffee 79.CZK
200 ml Latte macchiato59.CZK
140 ml Cappuccino59.CZK
1 pc Coffe cream5.CZK
1 pc Tea with honey35.CZK
200ml Mulled wine (white, red) 55.CZK
200ml Toody (rum, griotka - 0,04) 49.CZK


0,04l Gin (different species)50.CZK
0,04 l Finlandia vodka45.CZK
0,04l Božkov - tuzemský, coffee, vaječný likér 32.CZK
0,04l Liqvére - peprmint, griotka32.CZK
0,04l Fernet stock32.CZK
0,04l Becherovka (original,lemond)40.CZK
0,04l Jägermeister60.CZK
0,04 l Capitain Morgan55.CZK
0,04 l Stará myslivecká40.CZK


0,04l Pulm brandy Bartida 45.CZK
0,04l Baron Hildprandt - raspberry brandy80.CZK


0,04l Jack Daniels (NO.7, apple, honey, fire)65.CZK
0,04l Jameson55.CZK
0,04l Tullamore 55.CZK


0,04l Bandita Black60.CZK
0,04l Caracas Club Nectar125.CZK
0,04l Clasico Flor de Canna Anejo 5YO89.CZK
0,04l Diplomatico145.CZK
0,04l Flor de Cana 18YO145.CZK
0,04l Gosling's Family Reserve Rum275.CZK
0,04l Heffron panama rum55.CZK
0,04l Hell or High Water XO145.CZK
0,04l Larios 12 premium145.CZK
0,04l Legado155.CZK
0,04l Merser Double Barrel Rum145.CZK
0,04l Republica Rum55.CZK
0,04l Ron Prohibido 12YO125.CZK
0,04l The Pearl of Mauritius145.CZK
0,04l Zacapa145.CZK

Food alergens 

(Allergens are on request)

  1. cereals Containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybrid varieties and products thereof).
  2. crustaceans and products thereof
  3. eggs and products thereof
  4. fish and products thereof
  5. pine ground (peanuts) and products thereof
  6. soybeans (soya) and products thereof
  7. milk and products thereof
  8. nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and products thereof)
  9. celer and products thereof
  10. mustand and products thereof
  11. sesame seeds and products thereof
  12. sulfur dioxide and sulphites (at concentrations higher than 10 mg, ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2)
  13. wolf beans (lupina) and products thereof
  14. molluscs and products thereof 

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