Dining and beverage menu

food for everyone

Dining menu


450 g Skewer "opera"199.CZK

               -pork tenderloin, chicken breast
               -peppers, bacon, onions

300 g Pork steak "OPERA"199.CZK

               -natural pork neck
               -topped with juice
               -garnished with fried onions


1 ks Pickled sausage with onions, pastry35.CZK


1 ks Fried bread with garlic9.CZK


1 ks Fried bread with spicy meat mixture69.CZK


Beef meat

250 g Sirloin steak with ham and fried egg249.CZK


200 g Steak tartar249.CZK

          Sirloin tartare with six toasts and garlic cloves



    tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham  


    tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, blue cheese and corn


   tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and corn

Quattro Formaggi159.CZK

   tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked eidam, blue cheese and cheddar 


    spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, sausage and jalapeno


    tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, corn, mushrooms, onions and hot

Burger like a cow

 150 g Beef, lump, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato,
           red onion, pickled onion, dressing of choice

            Dressings: Cheese, Greece, Barbecue, Pepper, Samurai, Jalapeno

Burger and french fries168.CZK



200 g Potatoes35.CZK
200 g Roasted potatoes35.CZK
200 g French fries39.CZK
200 g Potato croquettes45.CZK


200 g American fried potatoes45.CZK
200 g Mashed potatoes45.CZK


160 g Rice35.CZK
250 g Potato salad39.CZK


1 ks Mayonnaise sauce / Ketchup15.CZK


1 ks Pastry5.CZK
100 g Vegetable 25.CZK


0,33 l Beef broth with noodles39.CZK


0,33 l Moravian garlic soup49.CZK


0,33 l According the daily offer35.CZK

Chicken meat

150 g Grilled natural chicken breast145.CZK


150 g Chicken steak with ham and cheese155.CZK


150 g Fried chicken schnitzel139.CZK


150 g Cordon Bleu165.CZK

      Fried stuffed chicken steak with ham and cheese  


200 g Salmon fillet with skin in cream sauce179.CZK


200 g - 250 g Grilled trout155.CZK


Pork meat

150 g Katův šleh179.CZK

    Meat on noodles with spicy vegetable mixture

200 g Fried pork schnitzel145.CZK


200 g Pork tenderloin with cream mushroom sauce179.CZK

  Mushrooms in cream sauce

200 g Spicy mexican meat tenderloin 179.CZK

 Peppers, ham, ketchup, onions, corn, red beans, hot       

Salads and vegetarian food

450 g Bandit's pasta with chicken and spinach159.CZK


100 g Fried cheese99.CZK


100 g Fried camembert119.CZK


350 g Mushroom risotto139.CZK


350 g A cobb salad with balkan cheese149.CZK


350 g Jaromerice´ s caesar salad159.CZK


Cups and pancakes

Choco- Vansmall 42.CZK
big 42.CZK
Hot raspberriessmall 49.CZK
big 79.CZK
Banana and ice creamsmall 42.CZK
big 69.CZK
Opera cupsmall 42.CZK
big 69.CZK


1 ks Pancake with jam65.CZK


1 ks Pancake with banana and with ice cream75.CZK


Beverage ticket


0,3 l Barrel lemonade (According to the offer)20.CZK
0,5 l Barrel lemonade (According to the offer)30.CZK
1 l Jug of pure water40.CZK
0,25 l Pepsi39.CZK
0,33 l Pepsi tin39.CZK
0,25 l 7UP/ Mirinda/ Schweppes35.CZK
0,25 l Mattoni water (According to the offer)25.CZK
0,25 l Toma juice (According to the offer) 35.CZK
0,25 l Red Bull55.CZK
0,5 l Rock Star60.CZK


0,28 l Beránek semi-dark lager(draft beer)22.CZK
0,48 l Beránek semi-dark lager(draft beer)33.CZK
0,28 l Starobrno 11°(draft beer)21.CZK
0,48 l Starobrno 11°(draft beer)32.CZK
0,48 l Krušovice non-alkoholic (bottle)32.CZK
0,50 l Zlatopramen Radler (tin)32.CZK
0,50 l Pilsner Urquell (bottle)42.CZK

House wines

0,10 l House wine according to the offer20.CZK

White wines

0,75 l Rulandské šedé (quality)199.CZK
0,75 l Chardonnay (quality)199.CZK
0,75 l Irsai Oliver (quality)199.CZK
0,75 l Veritas (selection of grapes)299.CZK
0,75 l Semillon (late harvest)299.CZK
0,75 l Pálava (selection of grapes)299.CZK
0,75 l Tramín červený (quality)249.CZK
0,75 l Ryzlink Rýnský (late harvest)299.CZK

Red wines

0,75 l Modrý portugal (quality)199.CZK
0,75 l Frankovka (quality)199.CZK
0,75 l Zweigeltrebe (selection of grapes)299.CZK
0,75 l Rulandské modré (selection of grapes)269.CZK

Apertives, sects

0,10 l Metropol / Cinzano (more species)35.CZK
0,75 l Bohemia sect (Demi sec, ice)295.CZK
0,75 l Znovín sect (demi sec white / red)345.CZK

Hot drinks

200 ml Turkish coffee (breved ground coffee)19.CZK
35 ml Ristretto37.CZK
120 ml Espresso37.CZK
200 ml Viennese Coffee (espresso lungo with whipped cream)39.CZK


200 ml Algerian Coffee (espresso lungo, eggnog, whipped cream)55.CZK


200 ml Caffé Latté42.CZK


140 ml Cappuccino42.CZK


1 ks Cream for coffee5.CZK


1 ks Tea with honey (According to the offer) 25.CZK
200 ml Mulled wine (white, red) 45.CZK
200 ml Grog (rum, griotka - 0,04)39.CZK

Spirit drinks

0,04 l Beefeater Gin (different kinds)50.CZK
0,04 l Finlandia vodka45.CZK
0,04 l Božkov - tuzemský, griotka, vodka32.CZK
0,04 l Božkov - peprmint, egg liqueur (A:3,7)29.CZK
0,04 l Jack Daniels (according to the offer)65.CZK
0,04 l Fernet (according to the offer)32.CZK
0,04 l Becherovka (according to the offer)40.CZK
0,04 l Slivovice40.CZK
0,04 l Jagermaister60.CZK
0,04 l Tullamore60.CZK
0,04 l Capitain Morgan45.CZK
0,04 l Jameson65.CZK
0,04 l Metaxa ******55.CZK
0,04 l Stará myslivecká32.CZK

Rum and whisky

0,04 l Zacapa145.CZK
0,04 l Heffron Panama 55.CZK
0,04 l Don Papa120.CZK
0,04 l Diplomatico120.CZK
0,04 l Republica 55.CZK
0,04 l Gentleman jack120.CZK
0,04 l Jack daniels single barrel145.CZK


Menu changes reserved. Prices include VAT. Most prepared foods contain allergens 1-14.

Information and inquiries +420 775 704 099 (office).


Sometimes we don't do anything either. Was there something wrong? Call or write directly to the restaurant manager.


tel.: +420 775 704 708


Food allergens

(The restaurant is for informational purposes only.)


1. CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybrid varieties and products thereof)

2. CRUSTACEANS and products thereof

3. EGGS and products thereof

4. FISH and products thereof

5. PINE GROUND (Peanuts) and products thereof

6. SOYBEANS (SOYA) and products thereof

7. MILK and products thereof

8. NUTS (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and products thereof)

9. CELER and products thereof

10. MUSTARD and products thereof

11. SESAME SEEDS (SESAME) and products thereof

12. SULFUR DIOXIDE AND SULPHITES (at concentrations higher than 10 mg, ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2)

13. WOLF BEANS (LUPINA) and products thereof

14. MOLLUSCS and products thereof


The menu is subject to change.